Biscotti Rustica

Biscotti Rustica

In the nineties, when I had Italophilia quite badly, I found an authentic Italian cookbook by Michele Scicolone which has the best biscotti recipes. You can modify a basic biscotti recipe according to your likes. I have made 4 varieties: coffee and chocolate, classic almond, cranberry and raisin, and fig and walnut using spelt flour.


3 thoughts on “Biscotti Rustica

  1. Grant says:

    Oh my goodness! All those yummy things made with such care. Well done! Long live Rustica and Grace!

  2. Thanks Grant – all compliments accepted graciously!

  3. Grant, my partner, was to live only another 2 months. I continue with this project in memory of him, in honour of his beautiful encouragement of me; his joy in simplicity, his wisdom in the advice he gave me; how he inspired me just by fully listening, being present; his enthusiasm for food made with love and his creative spirit demonstrated through his own drawings, paintings and design sense. What a gift he was. I never met anyone like him… we shared magical times….and his gifts to me will resonate through the rest of my life and out into the world through whatever means I choose to give.

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