Around and about my drawings

In an old house near the beach is a small kitchen with a table and two chairs.  Aside from the bed and the loo, this is the only place one can sit and draw. I would sit in the chair facing the windows over the sink and, for long moments, watch the sun go down into the evening. Sometimes the light would have faded and a drawing would be finished, or not. It didn’t matter. I was happily lost in ideas and colours and the soft texture of pencil on paper, layers and layers of tiny strokes building colours between the colours of the pencils’ palette. Fifteen drawings came from staying recently in that place I name The Zen House. They are collections of things whimsical and gentle; favourite things and so the series is named. Some of them are visible on our stall at the Christmas Fair, and will be exhibited in 2012 at M16 Artspace in Canberra.


One thought on “Around and about my drawings

  1. Carolyn says:

    Love this post! The Zen House sounds like a perfect place to escape 🙂 Carolyn

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