Aside from the start of this blog, tomorrow is the informal debut of ‘Rustica & Grace’. My sister and I are having an eclectic market stall. Rustica and Grace sums it up i think … wares that are a bit country, well-made, slowly made with care and getting lost in the flow of making knowing the receptive beholder ‘gets it’, (a phenomena noted by Martin Buber in ‘I am Thou’). ‘It’ is grace – a beautiful word to describe something larger that comes through our own creativity and speaks to others of their own goodness and creativity – as in the timeless song – Amazing Grace…about the sound of sweetness, the feeling of coming home to oneself and seeing the truth.

I’m a painter and marmalade queen – although perhaps i should call myself a marmalade princess at this early stage of my public career as a conserve and biscotti maker. The thought with the stall was to show my paintings (suitcase-sized for a change) and those of my friends, but it became a forum to also present the goodies I’ve been giving as gifts for many years. I’ll post a photo or two…


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